Our ActivitiesBasic Principles on Quality

Basic Principle on Quality

The Punch Group shall enhance a basic policy that puts customers first and deliver high-quality products and services. At the same time, we shall pursue quality assurance to further increase customers’ trust, achieved through such efforts as employee training, technical innovation, and new product development.

Policies on Quality

1. Customer-Centric

To enhance customer satisfaction, we shall endeavor to provide products and services that meet the expectations of customers by valuing their opinions and our communication with them.

2. Quality Assurance System

To provide high-quality products and services globally, we shall continuously strive to improve our quality assurance system based on quality standards by verifying and assessing the effectiveness of the system.

3. Technological Improvements

To meet the needs of the market, we shall work constantly to improve innovative technologies and skills while making ongoing improvements to quality, delivery, cost, and service (QDCS).

4. Risk Management

To become a company that is further trusted, we shall strive to promote risk management by complying with the various laws, regulations, treaties, and standards required of products and services supplied to the market.

5. Full Participation in Quality Assurance

To provide high-quality products and services increasing customer satisfaction, we shall ensure that each individual employee fulfills our quality targets.