Company OverviewExecutive Message

Aiming to become the world's top brand for mold and die components

The Punch Group is a manufacturer and seller of parts for mold and die, established in 1975.

We stated as our vision "Aim to become the leading brand in the mold and die components industry and to achieve high profitability by leveraging our competitive advantage as a comprehensive manufacturing and sales company". We have kept our commitment to quality manufacturing since our founding, and have made steady progress in building up a comprehensive production system, from materials procurement all the way to shipment.

In July 2023, we formulated Value Creation 2024 Revival (VC2024 Revival). Our policy is to specialize in the high-value-added, special-order product business and aim for sustainable profitable growth, and our most important policy is to "redevelopment of domestic business". In the overseas business, we will continue our growth strategy by establishing new sales offices and distributors, expanding sales of "special-order products" in the factory automation field, and re-focusing on the Indian market. We aim to achieve our "ideal state," to always aim high, to demonstrate our presence as a behind-the-scenes force that supports global manufacturing, and to chart a new growth trajectory.

And, to promote those initiatives, we have made a new concept named “Punch Spirit”, which represents our thoughts of returning to the spirit of our founder and a honorary chairman, Yuji Morikubo. With keywords “Challenge”, “Imaginative & Innovative” and “Open & Honest”, we will strive to achieve our target and will try our very best to further contribute to “global craftsmanship” in the field of the mold and die components industry.

At the same time, we will continue our effort to further improve transparency and sound management, and promote corporate activities that earn the adoration of society, so as to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders.

We look forward to your continued warm support of our efforts.

Yuji Morikubo, Founder・Honorary Chairman
Tetsuji Morikubo, President