Company OverviewPunch Industry - Super Features & Strong Points!

A production-crafting system that fully integrates all processes to offer overwhelming advantages rooted in high-tech precision machine technology. Punch Industry brings both unmatchable flexibility and high reliability to convey a wide-range of mold and die parts to customers worldwide!

Vast product lineup & Fine custom orders handling

We offer a vast wide-ranging lineup of high-quality standard parts having the broad general-purpose usage essential in metal mold and dies including plastic and metal molding. These are crucial to boosting customer productivity. Punch Industry has a long and proven record in handling of special order components down to meticulous customer needs that have earned it high ratings.


Our production-crafting system is an all-inclusive winner!

We took maximum use of our amassed precision machining tech carefully fostered since our founding, along with our processing equipment groups and machine tools amounting to an overwhelming 1,700 units to contrive an all-inclusive type production system that integrates all processes. Our unique, in-house production-crafting system provides outstanding benefits including cost, speed and quality for the customer.


Manufacturing & Sales operation that spans the globe!

Our production operations now extend to 4 domestic and 7 overseas locations. To achieve a closer degree of sales activities with customers we also established 15 operations domestically and 38 operations overseas. We will be working to open up expected high-growth areas as fast as possible to end up with a dynamic strategically placed global network.


Customers from all types of industries-Fields-Regions

We enjoy deep-felt loyal customer support from a wide range of manufacturing fields extending from mainstream industries such as automotive and electrical equipment fields to the latest high-tech industries. Other efforts extend to global marketing where besides domestic and regional measures we are putting down deep market roots in India and Asian countries centering on China.