Usage of this site

Usage of this Site

This website "" (hereafter described as "This Website" is managed by the Punch Industry Co., Ltd (hereafter described as "This Company"). Please read the following conditions before utilizing this site. Please note that only those who consent to the following content may utilize this site.

The conditions for utilizing this site are subject to change without prior notice. In that case, the conditions from after the change will apply so besides acknowledging this point in advance, we ask that you also confirm the latest contents.


The information posted on this site (information of all types including text, photos, and illustrations) is protected under the copyright laws of each country as well as agreements of all types and other regulations. The personal usage of this information and usage (copy, alternation, uploading, posting, transmission, licensing, sales, and publishing, etc.) exceeding the range specified in other regulations is prohibited for each and every method and purpose unless the consent of this company has been granted beforehand.

Please use the software provided from this site in compliance with the provisions of the software usage access contract provided by the possessor of rights to the respective software when provided, as well as copyright laws, respective treaties, and other regulations.


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Prohibited Items

Carrying out any actions or potential actions falling under the following items regarding usage of this site is expressly prohibited.

  1. Conduct contrary to the standards of public decency
  2. Conduct that violates laws and statutes and other regulations
  3. Conduct that is a criminal action or linked to criminal actions
  4. Conduct infringing on the assets, privacy, publicity rights, and/or copyrights of this company or third parties
  5. Conduct slanderous in intent or derogatory to this company or a third party
  6. Conduct disadvantageous to this company or a third party
  7. Conduct or actions to send or write a harmful computer virus or program to a site managed by this company
  8. Conduct or actions interfering with the operation of this site
  9. Conduct or actions for registering information that is falsehoods or contrary to facts
  10. Conduct or actions that are sales activities or having those traits within this site but that are not approved by this company
  11. Conduct or actions to grant a status by contract to a third party through the utilization of this site
  12. Conduct or actions judged by this company to be inappropriate

Disclaimer of Liability

This company makes every effort to keep track of information posted on this site. However, this company can offer no guarantee whatsoever of the accuracy, reliability, safety, and significance of that information. Moreover this company bears no responsibility or liability whatsoever for losses or damage occurring due to the usage of this site.

This company may change the information on this site without prior notice. Also please acknowledge in advance that this company might stop or suspend management of this site. Also be aware that this company can accept no responsibility or liability for losses or damage resulting from the inability to use this site and from information changes and/or deletions regardless of our company's reason.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdictional Court

Issues such as the interpretation and application of conditions for utilizing this site and the information posted on this site shall be settled by domestic Japanese law unless these issues can be settled by other means. Any and all disputes arising from the use of this site shall be handled at the Tokyo District Court as the first exclusive jurisdiction court.