Our ActivitiesApproach on Environment

Environmental Principle

Punch Industry plays a significant part in social development by protecting Earth's irreplaceable nature and developing eco-friendly products.

Environmental Action Guidelines

Environmental issues are ripe to be addressed by the entire world, and corporate entities have a social responsibility to take environmental initiatives. Based on this awareness, we engage in the following environmental conservation activities on a continuing basis with the cooperation of all employees, to minimize environmental burdens in all our business activities, from the development and production to the sale of mold components, and thereby contribute to sustainable development of society.

  • 1.We establish organizational and operational frameworks to ensure steady implementation of eco-friendly business activities and enforce an environmental management system for their continuous maintenance and improvement.
  • 2.We comply with laws, regulations and ordinances concerning the environment, and strictly adhere to agreements with customers. Furthermore, we act to prevent pollution to the greatest extent possible in accordance with voluntary standards we have established, and promote harmony with the local community.
  • 3.We engage in green procurement practices and maintain strong commitment to eco-friendly product designs and product development (non-use of environmental chemical substances).
  • 4.We strive to reduce environmental burdens that arise from our business activities in various regions and to promote the effective utilization of resources by setting forth and working toward environmental targets and goals that emphasize the following perspectives. We also conduct a regular review of these targets and goals.
    • 1)Promotion of resource savings and energy conservation
    • 2)Reduction and recycling of waste materials
  • 5.We thoroughly disseminate these environmental policies to all our business partners to promote environmental awareness and capacities among their personnel. We also disclose these guidelines to the public upon request.

Eco-Friendly Mark

Punch Industry has established its own eco-friendly mark as a means of informing customers that products meet the RoHS Directive and other environmental laws and regulations. The mark is used in our product catalogs.