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Punch Industry can realize its special order parts which to reach the same quality as standard Components.

Punch Industry has professionally concentrated in both standard and special parts manufacture since the establishing in 1975.
Punch Industry can respond the quotation, delivery, and price for customers' various demands of ordering the products which dimensions and shapesa are not according to the standard, or completely special shapes.
Punch Industry has 3 domestic factories in Japan, 4 factories in China, and even over 100 Sub Contract Factory around the world, which can satisfy your demands of special parts ordering.
Punch Industry is famous by its comprehensive machining capabilities, such as cutting, heat treatment, surface treatment, grinding, EDM, and along with the precision product inspection.
Punch Industry can perfectly answer customers' requirements which according to original drawings.

SPECIAL ORDER -The Special Parts-

How to Order The Special Parts

We treat your ordering as special part, if its dimension or alteration is not according to the product catalog.

We will treat your required product as special part, if which will.
  • ●Not match the shape of die or mold;
  • ●Not match the standard;
  • ●Not match the dimension and tolerance;
  • ●Not match the material;
  • ●Not match the conditions as mentioned above.
Delivery flow
Delivery flow

The Correspondence of CAD Data

Punch Industry supplies the ordering service by CAD data.
Our quotation and your ordering are based on your 2D and 3D data.

  • ●The interchanged data has to be confirmed and the up to date data has to be validated.(Attached drawing with PDF formation)
  • ●For the quotation based on the 3D data, the dimension tolerance alteration and special notes are avaliable either.
Corresponding CAD
Solid Works
The CAD we uses
2D Cad Super FX(Ver.10)
3D Solid Works(Ver.10)
Master Cam X2

Flow of the data sending
Flow of the data sending

How to send your data file

※For your file is larger than the limit, please send it by using compression (LZH,ZIP), splitting , or by using the treatment in [2] and [3].

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

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